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Jun 2 / Dunpeal

Chinese Anime – Reflection of Crescent (BL)

Produced by Great Demon Nation Co. Possibly China’s first BL anime. First OVA to be released on 2011.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. destineazn / Jun 2 2011

    this seems so cool! :O

  2. 8384rae / Jun 2 2011

    @Nikki10130 qin’s moon is a 3D one, the story is awesome XDDDDDDDDD, but the story is pretty sad.

  3. WinryOtakuAnime / Jun 2 2011

    is there a date for it to be released??

  4. SeiryuTheBlueDragon / Jun 2 2011

    @Nikki10130 Boy love – Yaoi

  5. tophyfan / Jun 2 2011

    look good to me :)

  6. Nikki10130 / Jun 2 2011

    wat does BL stand for?

  7. nadyvina / Jun 2 2011

    @taemines why like kuroshitsuji?

  8. taemines / Jun 2 2011

    @XiuzhuW ohh….so its just like kuroshitsuji then???? okie….

  9. Misukage1996 / Jun 2 2011

    I love it! I fell in love with this anime at first sight, beautiful kids, action, magic, demons, more romantic than I can ask? someone please tell me when it opens even tell me the month I’m desperate to see D:

  10. Nikki10130 / Jun 2 2011

    does anyone no any other good chinese anime?? all the anime i watch are japenese. i wanna change things up a bit :P

  11. XiuzhuW / Jun 2 2011

    the producer said that it’s not BL.
    1) there is no main actress.
    2) the pv looks really bl-ish (causing every1 to say tht it’s a BL and then the producer was like “no”)

    i think it will end up as something like kuroshisuji, as in not outright BL but can be seen as a BL.
    the first Ova would be released on DVD in September, approx.
    (there’s a anime festival thing, if i remember correctly)

  12. animefreakhacker897 / Jun 2 2011

    dude, if they do this well, i will respect china.

  13. taemines / Jun 3 2011

    @XiuzhuW wha??? u mean this isnt bl???? it cant be! and its obvious tht the semes are fighting 4 their uke…..ohhh….i hope tht dis is BL….. T^T….they should’ve not made dis anime….and not 2 write it as bl…..T^T

  14. taemines / Jun 3 2011

    darn it!!! its already 2011!!!! release at least ova 1!!!!! im gonna die w/out wtchin this???? a lot of yaoi fans out there cant hold their butts!!!! we wanna watch it!!!!

  15. taemines / Jun 3 2011

    aahhhh!!!! release it already!!!! i cant w8 2 watch it!!!!! ugghhh

  16. XiuzhuW / Jun 3 2011

    I’ve read on an article that the producer or like head of the producing team already said that this anime is not BL. although i think it may be in a grey area, cuz honestly, i didn’t see no main actress :-/ who knows?? :S

  17. MoonShorty / Jun 3 2011

    @XiuzhuW Wait… what? O_o

  18. xoxoxoLOVELESSxoxoxo / Jun 3 2011

    why can’t two guys fight for me too … T^T … i’m a boy…like the uke… just that he looks better than me xD !

  19. XiuzhuW / Jun 3 2011

    The producer for this anime already stated in his blog that this is not a BL.

  20. TheSoSoHello / Jun 3 2011

    Two semes frighting for the uke? FUN FUN FUN. It looks like it’s taking place in a school setting, but considering that there are demons involved, it’s probably a fantasy school or something? AHHHH, but I want to know more about it~~~ How many episodes will there be? When is the official release date? WHY IS WEIYI THE ONLY ONE WEARING SHORTS? We can’t really know what to expect with this, since this is a pioneer series for Chinese BL…. BUT I WANT. >:D -grabby hands-

  21. mashixanime / Jun 3 2011

    I heard this is coming out in September . SO LONG D:

  22. JKNvalid / Jun 3 2011

    It looks cool but im not a fan of yaoi, if they just removed that then maybe I’d give it a chance

  23. laililiups / Jun 3 2011

    I just hope it’s not one of those ovas that take years to be released like hellsing ultimate…

  24. em0opeke / Jun 3 2011

    OMG!!! seexy!!!!*-*

  25. no100one100 / Jun 3 2011

    It from CHINESE!!! O-O


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